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Having a strong, healthy body and mind is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give herself. Unfortunately finding the time, motivation and energy to achieve this is often nonexistent. One of the first steps to creating a healthy body and mind is by making a personal commitment to yourself, and once that has been made, you are ready to bring a positive change in your overall health. Be A Fit Mama On-Demand Holistic Fitness is a hub of online fitness and wellness programs from Women's Wellness and Fitness Expert, Kenya Moses. Weekly videos include, meditation, strength & endurance training, pilates, yoga and well-being coaching to help women achieve not only their physical fitness goals, but the goals of their emotional body as well. Integrate these programs into your daily life - no matter how much or little time you have. The important part is you are doing something for yourself, keeping your energy levels up and never giving up.

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The Just Press Play Challenge